Use cases – Data platform

A collection of great solutions that can be crafted easily leveraging EHR.Network data platform

EHR.Network data platform is a collection of tools that can be used to develop healthcare applications quickly and economically. As per our preliminary estimates app developers save more than 50% in time and cost when they develop on EHR.Network.

This ‘EHR as a platform‘ includes all the components that you need to create a modern data centric connected healthcare solution fast and get to the market. We abstract all the complexities such as standards, compliance, security, connectivity and interoperability and make them available as REST APIs that you can use to build your applications.

Our vision to help you to get to the first prototype of your application in 1-2 weeks time. With that in mind we have also created reusable components such as a platform SDK/AppServer in JAVA and an Angular based UI framework. These are available Free of Cost(FOC) to all application developers on our platform.