Subscription to platform APIs

Under the EHR.Network platform, we offer a variety of products & services that are designed to help healthcare innovators and application developers. Our offerings are designed to reduce the learning curve and make healthcare application development simple.

Build Operationalize Xscale(BOX) – Startup bundle

BOX on EHR.Network is aimed at early stage startups to help them hit the ground running. It allows them to get going fast and with limited resources. We have bundled our core platform into a single BOX instance on the cloud for those starting out on their digitalhealth journey.

If you have the next world beating idea for a digital health disruption and are strapped for resources, this is for you. BOX on EHR.Network can give you all the tools that you will need to create standards compliant, interoperable and forward looking solutions.

Platform SAAS subscriptions

These subscriptions provide you access to a variety of Healthcare APIs that will help you bootstrap your application quickly and develop advanced functionality as required.

Knowledge services

Our knowledge services APIs include a variety of solutions that add value to your applications and make your EHR data richer.

General terms

  1. The subscription includes permission to use the APIs on our cloud hosted EHR.Network platform. It does not include any other rights or licenses on the software that runs the platform
  2. All the subscription payments indicated are per month and billed quarterly
  3. Additional usage costs above the monthly subscription charges will be billed monthly
  4. Data backup every 8 hours
  5. Failure recovery in 4 hours
  6. Pricing is calculated based on the assumption that EHR.Network will be credited appropriately for the use of it’s APIs
  7. Healthelife may use your company, product name(s) & logo(s) in our marketing collateral such as website, presentations & social media pages