EHR.Network is all that you need.

We have done all that you need before you can start developing your healthcare application...

Privacy & security

We are privacy aware by design. All security requirements are available as a service.

Standards compliance

We take care to ensure that your EHR data is compliant to EHR standards


True to native cloud design, we talk REST all around. We keep things light & nifty with JSON

Flexible data schema

We are open to any clinical data. You define the schema and we support it.

All healthcare practices

We supports any healthcare practice. Build applications for modern or AYUSH

Reference knowledge library

Growing healthcare reference library as a service - open & available.

Clinical terminology service

Code your data as they are gathered. Make your data meaningful & computable.

Organizational hierarchy

Build and manage the organization structure required by your application.

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About us

We believe accessible data will make healthcare better. If we can make every person’s clinical data vendors neutral and accessible throughout a person’s life, doctors will be able to give them better care. 

With this belief, we set out to build solutions to help Healthcare application developers, Doctors, Hospitals, System integrators & Public health entities make this happen.  EHR.Network, our unified clinical data repository makes all the above possible, now..

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