About Us

We believe accessible data will make healthcare better. If we can make every person’s clinical data vendor neutral and accessible throughout a person’s life, doctors will be able to give them better care.

With this belief, we set out to build solutions to help Healthcare application developers, Doctors, Hospitals, System integrators & Public health entities make this happen. 
With every new technology, healthcare applications also evolve to make things better & simpler. We ensure that the clinical data does not get lost in app evolutions in a person’s lifespan. We are the continuity layer in an ever changing healthcare application landscape. We deliver where data matters. After all, if we have our data, anything is possible.
We thrive on the complexity of healthcare data and it’s dynamic nature – evolving as we learn, expanding as we mature. Transitioning from curative to preventive no more needs an EHR system redesign. Allopathy, ayurveda, wellness, illness care, pathogenic, lifestyle all can now co-exist.
EHR.Network, our unified clinical data repository makes all the above possible, now..