Professional services

Support & consultancy services

You can make use of our team’s expertise to solve problems that you face and make fast progress with your application development

₹ 25,000/-

  • 10 hours support/consultancy services
  • Ticket based support request
  • Callback from team if required
  • Includes EHR standards consultancy including terminology coding using SNOMED CT/ICD10, Platform APIs, Business call flows etc 

Clinical modelling services

The platform supports a large number of standard clinical data sets. In case this does not fulfil the requirements of your application, new custom models will have to be created and added to the platform. In such cases, you will also need to create the standards data composition formats and custom queries for those data sets. You can use the tools available at to work on these custom templates and AQLs. 

You may use the services of our clinical data modelling experts for such requirements also. We will help you either choose the most appropriate templates from the openEHR CKM or create new ones. Based on complexity of the template, we will provide an upfront estimate of effort. Cost for a standard template modelling service is provide below:

₹ 15,000/-

  • 3 hours clinical modelling services
  • Ticket based support request
  • Callback from team & virtual meetings where required
  • Includes designing openEHR archetypes, templates, sample compositions & AQLs 

Professional Services

You can make use of our team’s expertise to develop custom functionality for your applications. 

Professional Services to extend the App Framework to encompass application specific business logic is offered. If requirements are frozen, then turnkey development services will be provided. For customers with evolving requirements, a dedicated team, to work closely with the customer team will be provided. Professional services for Web UI application development as an extension of the framework is offered.

  • Standards – FHIR, SNOMED CT, openEHR
  • Databases – Postgres, Redis
  • Programming languages – Java, Angular, Typescript
  • Log parsing and analysis – Graylog
  • API gateway – KONG 
  • Cloud infrastructure – Digitalocean, AWS