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Clinical decision support solution for COVID-19 on EHR.Network

This COVID-19 CDSS project creates centrally managed Clinical Decision Support tools for the front line doctors in COVID-19 screening. It is being developed as a collaborative venture with EHRC@IIITB & DHIndia association. This introductory post explains more about the concept and intend of the project in detail.

This project page is intended to be a one stop shop about all the project related information. It will contain a collection of all the resources associated with this project and is intended to help you learn more about it, join and contribute or make use of this free service.

CDSS applications

The project includes simple mobile and web applications that can be used to access the CDSS service. You can submit anonymized patient screening data and get decision support recommendations using these applications. Please feel free to try them out.

Android application

Currently the application is in development phase. It will be distributed through this page till we are able to host it on the google play store. You can download the latest version from this page.

Web application

The web application is being developed and hosted by the project team. You can access it here.

Third party application developer resources

This solution is designed to enable easy integration with external applications. If you are a healthcare application developer and would like to integrate this solution to your application, we expose REST APIs that you can use. You can read more about the technical architecture of the solution here.

The Swagger based API specifications can be accessed here for your reference and understanding.

Join and help

Project development

  • Join as a beta tester – We are looking for volunteers to test the application(s) and give us feedback to make it better. Please let us know if you are interested
  • Your beta tester login details – We maintain an updated list of beta testing logins here. You are requested to use your own login so that we are able to simulate real situation. In case you do not have a login, please use the link above to signup and request one.
  • Feedback to improve the application – If you are beta testing the CDSS application, please post your feedback to this google sheet.

Protocol development

  • Join our Physician expert panel – Our protocols will be designed and validated by an expert panel of physicians to give credibility to this service. If you willing to contribute, please let us know using the form below
  • Scoring protocol reference– The details of the scoring used in the current protocol are available in this google sheet. The proposed sheet includes more factors that are being considered.
  • Guidance documentThis document gives an outline of factors to consider and question to answer while looking at defining the protocols.

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