Collection of services

orchestration of services to deliver cloud native experience

EHR.Network is composed of a collection of independent services working together to deliver the complete functionality for an EHR solution. All these services are designed to work in isolation and manage their data independently. They are also designed to be used together to achieve functional requirements through multi-service call flows.

While the functional architecture of EHR.Network is designed along the principles of an EHR architecture (EHRA) envisaged in ISO/BIS 18308 standard, the technology architecture has been designed with the Cloud Native paradigm in focus. This services architecture also implements the privacy by design principle to achieve segregation of data for data privacy.

Each of the services expose REST APIs that are consumed by the other platform services directly or exposed to applications through the API Gateway. All common platform functionalities, that involve more than one back end service,  are implemented as multi-service call flows and exposed as a unified REST API. This ensures that the platform, while functioning as a collection of services, provides a unified monolithic view to the applications that use the platform.

The above architecture ensures that the platform, while maintaining privacy & security through segregation of data, also ensures standardized APIs and service level clustering for cloud scale performance.

As an EHR application developer, you can use a collection of these modules to achieve the functionality envisaged for your application.


Manages the demographics of entities across the platform. Uniquely identifies persons and organizations and enables their easy discovery.


openEHR compliant Clinical Data Repository that makes the platform unique. Scheme extension can be modeled at runtime to manage any clinical requirement.

Task manager

Powerful team collaboration tool that makes coordination of services delivery painless. No more missed schedules and confusion in teams.


Unstructured on the fly information sharing between team members. Powerful tagging and call out features for creating actionable views. Powerful search features.

Consent service

Advanced privacy consent that plugs in to the security framework at runtime. Dynamic, fine grained user controlled sharing of personal data.

API gateway

API gateway to manage platform services APIs. API security that includes API keys, rate limiting, bot detection that ensures QOS


Terminology available as a service for app developers. Covers SNOMED CT, drug list(generic & branded) and lookup to ICD 10

Security service

Flexible multi-axle consent aware security framework. Constructs such as Tenant, Organization, Role & Profession to manage fine grained user permissions.


Unified REST APIs for multi-channel healthcare related notifications. Quickly implement advanced notifications in healthcare applications.

Audit service

Powerful audit service that can support live operational and forensic requirements. Log analysis, service APIs and triggers that support proactive intervention.