SNOMED CT service – New update makes SNOMED CT lookup 5x faster.

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SNOMED CT service - New update makes SNOMED CT lookup 5x faster.

We have released yet another update to our SNOMED CT terminology service to make it ever more convenient for app developers. Apart from updating the date to the latest versions of SNOMED CT and the extensions, we have also added the new AYUSH terms extensions. The updated service also includes a 5x improvement in API response to help better the user experience in applications that use these APIs.

The updates have been done in such a way that the APIs remain backward compatible to ensure that any existing application that is using the service will not see any disruption. However they may need to make minor updates to the way some APIs are used to access some of the updates.

Updated API docs & tools for app developers

Healthcare APIs being our primary business, we have done everything to ensure that the developers are able to easily understand the new features available. To this end we have updated the terminology service API docs to reflect the updated APIs.

The postman collection has also been updated with more ready to use searches catering to the most common use cases in clinical applications. As a developer you can now get the SNOMED CT integration working in your application without any knowledge of SNOMED CT.

Major performance improvement in SNOMED CT service

SNOMED CT service performance improvement

We have been getting feedback from developers using our SNOMED CT service about the performance of the APIs. Any small delay in responses, they felt, impacts the user experience of their applications. We are happy to let you know that with this release, we have addressed your concerns.

One of the major highlight of this release is a multi-fold improvement in the response times of this SNOMED CT service APIs. Our tests have shown 5-10 fold improvement and we are able to achieve a less than 100 ms response consistently. On a sustained use we have seen this to often drop below the 50ms mark.

We believe that this should be a big help for app developers to improve the usability of their applications.

Optimized search response for easier app integration and reduced response data size.

SNOMED CT service app friendly search results

Another feedback from app developers is related to the response object returned by our search APIs. They felt that that the response object contained many data points that are not required by the application to provide a contextual lookup to the users. This, apart from increasing the amount of data that the UI has to manage, also makes their job more difficult.

We now have a new ‘fullconcept” filter to enable the applications to control the data returned in a search. This is a boolean data that can be set by the developers to retrieve either the full or partial object in a search. If this is set to ‘false’ you can get a minimal object best suited for building a lookup list in the applications.

New India AYUSH extension for AYUSH EHR applications

This new SNOMED CT extension contains terms used in Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha practice. This is the first release and contains only limited list of terms. Over the next releases, this extension is expected to grow and include an exhaustive set of terms used in these practices.

With this extension the effort at standardizing out traditional medical practices has taken a major leap. Now developers should be able to create and deploy standards compliant clinical applications for AYUSH practices. In this regard, it is worthwhile to note that our AyushEHR is such a product addressing this requirement.

Apart from all the above, the entire data including SNOMED CT international release and Indian extensions have been updated to the latest so that you will get access to the latest changes to these as well.

As part of our commitment to our developer community, this upgrade wil be available to all our existing users without any additional cost.

We will be constantly looking for ways to make this service better in the future and look forward to your feedback and suggestion to help us do so. Please use the issues feature in our Gitlab developer tools project to do so.

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