EHR.Network Terminology service – Sample APIs for demo.

This is a set of ready to use REST APIs that can be used to query a SNOMED CT database. SNOMED Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT) is the most comprehensive, multilingual clinical healthcare terminology in the world. It is owned, maintained, and distributed by the SNOMED International on behalf of its member countries. This service includes SNOMED Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT ) which can be used with permission of the SNOMED International.

As India is a member of SNOMED International, applications used inside India can get a free license to use SNOMED CT. You will need to visit this page and get an Affiliate license before you can use this service.

Sample APIs

We have listed some sample APIs here for demo purpose. You can click on the links below to launch these APIs on your browser and see the results. However these APIs are not designed for production use. You will need to contact us to get an API key to access the production APIs for using this service in production.


Suggest retrieves clinical term suggestions for SNOMED CT Concept using a search term. The returned terms can be used as an input for the search API.


Search retrieves SNOMED CT Concept using a search term.


Retrieves the full details of the concept including descriptions and relationships for specified Concept ID


Retrieves the related Concepts for a Concept ID based on the specified relationship type (is a / finding site / causative agent / has intent / procedure site / specimen substance / associated finding / associated with / associated morphology / has active ingredient and so on) and the direction (source / destination).


Retrieves the details of all descendant children (immediate and even grandchildren) for a Concept ID. This may sometimes involve 100s of values and so may show slow performance. So use it sparingly


Retrieves the details of all parent concepts for a particular Concept ID


Retrieves the details of all immediate child concepts for a particular Concept ID.


Returns the corresponding ICD-10 code for Concept. Result includes ICD-10 code and a list of advice with corresponding ICD-10 codes.