How the fragmentation of PHR is reduced by AyushEHR using person registry

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How the fragmentation of PHR is reduces by AyushEHR using person registry

In any EHR system, it is very important that we uniquely identify a patient and prevent fragmentation of their PHR. This article discussed how AyushEHR has implemented this.

In AyushEHR all the users and patients are registered into the person registry and uniquely identified using a UUID generated from the platform. To ensure uniqueness of a person, the application uses APIs such as search and duplicate check on person creation. At registration time, we use the weightage logic in duplicate check API of the platform to decide whether to select an existing person or create new.

The platform provides flexibility in registering a person by allowing multiple ID proofs for a person. The platform supports a large number of government issued documents such as driving license, PAN, passport, voterId etc.

AyushEHR has implemented both a quick registration and detailed demographics management for the person. It manages the complete person demographics using the person registry module. The application maps a person to organization as a patient or user to manage the privacy aware access control of data on the platform. It assigns roles and professions to the users in the context of the organization. This allows it to set the correct level of access controls for the user.

Reduce duplication of persons & fragmentation of PHR using the person registry in EHR.Network

We have designed the person registry in EHR.Network to reduce the chances of duplication. By doing this, we ensure that a person’s health records do not get fragmented. With our person centric design, we allow applications to map one person to multiple organizations.

Contact us to know more about how you can use APIs on EHR.Network to prevent creation of duplicate EHRs for a person so that their clinical data does not get fragmented.

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