How KMHMS mental healthcare professional is modeled in person registry

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How KMHMS mental health professional is modeled in person registry

Mental healthcare professional forms the centre of the Karnataka Mental Health Management System. KMHMS has extended the person registry for this purpose.

KMHMS registers all the users and patients with the person registry. The platform generates a UUID to identify them uniquely. The application uses platform APIs such as search & duplicate check on person creation to prevent the duplication of a person. The weightage that duplicate check API returns helps the user decide whether to select an existing person or create new.

KMHMS has extended the person resource to model Mental Health Professionals(MHP) in the application as per the Mental Health Care Act 2017. Application also manages custom workflows for registration and approval of MHP and the associated extended information management. The person UUID generated on the platforms is used by the application to track persons & provide them with additional services such as grievance redress, registration of advance directives etc.

KMHMS assigns roles and professions to users in the context of organizations. The application uses this information to configure and implement the correct access control for the user.

How you can use the EHR.Network person registry to model any healthcare professional for your application

We have designed our standards complaint person registry to manage healthcare professionals of any type. The platform manages all the core data that the Indian EHR standards mandate. You can extend this to include application specific details.

Contact us to know more about the flexible ways in which you can model healthacre professionals required by your healthcare application on EHR.Network

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