openEHR training – openEHR and modular electronic health and social care record course from Rosaldo, Finland now available in India.

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openEHR training - openEHR and modular electronic health and social care record course from Rosaldo, Finland now available in India.

The foundational nature of openEHR and the resulting complexity of the technical specifications require users to invest a lot of dedicated time & effort to master openEHR. This problem is made more complex by the limited availability of structured and easy to understand education material. In fact openEHR still does not offer any training or certification unlike other complementary standards such as FHIR. 

Since the inclusion of openEHR as the clinical modelling standard in the Indian EHR standards, there has been sporadic efforts by developers and system architects to integrate it into clinical applications. However successful implementations such as EHR.Network CDR have been very few owing to the limited availability of proper openEHR training in India.

Our work with openEHR since 2016 has shown us the great value openEHR can bring to clinical system design. You can easily see this from a flexibility that EHR.Network offers to clinical application developers. As a company that has built its business on providing an ecosystem for the faster growth of digital health, we believe that it is our responsibility to educate and empower other developers to adopt openEHR.

openEHR training from EHR.Network to help the evolution of a more robust digital health ecosystem in India

We have had repeated requests from the Indian openEHR community for support with learning and adopting it. So far we have been trying to do that in an informal way where we answer members questions on the forum. A formal approach to this was an important step for this community.

Offering structured openEHR training was a natural complement to our healthcare API and professional services offerings for clinical application development. We are making this happen in collaboration with Rosaldo, Finland, who offer their “openEHR and modular electronic health and social care record” course in multiple countries  including Finland, Sweden, Estonia, the Netherlands and UK.

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We have designed the course to help decision makers understand openEHR in detail and how it will benefit different stakeholders in the digital health ecosystem. It will help them with enough information to enable them to make the correct decisions on choosing appropriate technologies. 

The course covers most of the key aspects of openEHR and prepares the participant for a deeper exploration as they start their implementation. Concepts such as open platform approach, shared community curated clinical models, flexible querying using AQL and specifications that cover all aspects of a clinical data system are introduced in simple language for easy understanding.

Course created by hands on digital health professionals

This course is created by Hanna Pohjonen, PhD – eHealth management consultant, openEHR Ambassador Finland.

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Hanna offers eHealth management consulting through her consultancy company Rosaldo Oy. She has worked in 31 different countries in Europe, North-America, Middle East and Asia. Her focus is on big regional and national healthcare IT/eHealth projects, where data sharing across various systems, organizations and even country borders is essential. She has provided consultancy about healthcare information systems and IT architectures, vendor neutral archiving, document-based and structured data sharing (XDS, openEHR), shared workflow and open ecosystems. Besides consultancy Hanna is also a visiting lecturer in Tallinn University of Technology. 

Before consultancy she did research work both in the UK and Finland, worked in a university hospital in different positions and was responsible for eHealth related financing under the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Finland. She also represented Finland in the eHealth area in the European Commission.

Self paced, learning facilitated by Hanna and EHR.Network team

This course is offered as an online training that the participants can complete at their convenience. The Claned eLearning environment provides a very rich and interactive learning experience assisted by Hanna and EHR.Network team. 

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We plan to offer this course as monthly batches. It will complement the other digital health ecosystem offerings from EHR.Network such as Healthcare APIs and professional services.

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