EHR.Network Terminology service – SNOMED CT, ICD look up & drug database APIs

EHR.Network terminology service is yet another powerful toolset in the hands of healthcare application developers. It makes the integration of SNOMED CT into your application easy and painless. No server to setup or manage, no management of SNOMED CT database and no worrying about designing queries.

Our terminology as a service is a complete end to end solution for anybody who has been overwhelmed by the complexities of getting SNOMED CT into your clinical solution. The solution is available as a combination of simple REST APIS, a public gitlab developer tools project, free documentation and consultancy services. This service offering has been designed to get you going in a matter of minutes.

We will be keeping this service updated periodically with the releases from SNOMED International and NRCeS so that you will always have the latest available to you.

What terminology service can do for you?

With this service, you can covert your healthcare application to have coded standards compliant data in a matter of hours. Some of the data points that can be coded using the EHR.Network terminology service APIs include Complaints, Diagnosis, Allergies, Family relationship, Medication, Procedures, Lab tests, Imaging examination Body systems & Body parts.

Some of the things that you can do with our terminology service APIs include

  • Search for terms using strings to provide a lookup in your application.
  • Get full details of a concept including synonyms & relationships
  • Explore the parents, children and descendants of any concept
  • Search for generic & package medications
  • Look up the generic from a package medication
  • Lookup the ICD10 code for a SNOMED terms. Please note that this will give results only where such a map exists

The terminology service is part of the increasing developer friendly services in the EHR.Network healthcare application ecosystem. We will be working to expand this portfolio through internal developments and in collaboration with other developers. Our mission is to build an ecosystem of tools and services that make world class EHR application development simple and inexpensive.

Come and explore this simple subscription service and start transitioning your clinical application to a true EHR. All you need to know is to consume REST APIs in your application, we do everything else for you.