Advantages of EHR.Network platform that help you build your applications easily

Our platform brings great advantages of EHR.Network to healthcare application developers and end users of their applications. Our moto is to make things simple for both app developers and users so that they can focus on providing a high quality healthcare.

We envision the EHR.Network as the core technology infrastructure that supports the entire healthcare ecosystem. It is designed to help you achieve your objectives faster and at a lower cost.

By leveraging the platform you can

  • Achieve >50% reduction in app development time and effort
  • Get >60% savings in  app development cost
  • Build apps for Allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani etc.
  • Work with patient centric EHR data
  • Evolve/migrate application without data loss
  • Leverage transparent and open data schema
  • Be guaranteed about interoperability of EHR data

We are your bridge to the national digital health network

The proposed National Digital Health Blueprint outlines the creation of a National digital health network to enable the seamless flow of health information across India. As this gets progressively built, we will build tools on the platform so that you get seamless connectivity at all times.

The platform will insulate your business from the dynamic nature of the external digital health ecosystem and give you a consistent and stable environment to continue your business.