DHIndia Telemedicine solution registry – your chance to get listed and gain visibility

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DHIndia Telemedicine solution registry - your chance to get listed and gain visibility

DHIndia Association is leading an alliance of healthcare associations in India including CAHO, CHIME and HIMSS India to establish a registry of Telemedicine solution providers in India. The objective of this registry is to help healthcare providers in India choose appropriate telemedicine solutions.

DHIndia has mooted this initiative in light of the recent publication of the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines (TPG). This registry also intends to improve the widespread adoption of telemedicine as proposed in the National Digital Health Blueprint (NDHB) aimed at improving the access to and reducing the cost of healthcare in the country.

The proposed registry will not be just a listing of technology providers. A panel of independent professionals from across the healthcare landscape will evaluate the solutions make their study available to those planning to adopt telemedicine.

If you are interested to enlist yourself as a Telemedicine solution provider for hospitals and doctors in India, please read more about it on the DHIndia website. Once you fill up this form, the registry team will come back to you with more questions that will help them evaluate and classify your solution.

In case you are exploring the emerging telemedicine technology market in India, this is your golden change to highlight the uniqueness of your solution and gain market visibility. If you are developing/planning to develop telemedicine solutions, you have to move fast to take advantage of this opportunity.

Making telemedicine solution development simple

We believe that building telemedicine applications should be simple. We aim to make things simple for telemedicine solution developers through the use of EHR.Network.

One thing that scares many application developers away from healthcare is the regulations that make application development complex. Mastering things like EHR standards, Terminology coding, Privacy of healthcare data and Interoperability involve a steep learning curve that require understanding of many different domains.

With EHR.Network we abstract all these complexities away from you on to the platform as a managed service that you can use to build your applications. So you , as an application developer can focus on your end users and create applications that they love to use.

The mandate of DHIndia is to promote adoption of technology in healthcare and support the evolution of the NDHB. We believe that your telemedicine solutions will be evaluated in this context for inclusion in this registry. We also expect things like Indian EHR standards, Data privacy & security, Interoperability with other healthcare systems to be very high in the evaluation criteria.

When you build your telemedicine application on EHR.network, we can help you meet these challenges and make an impact. You can get to the market in half the time and at less than 50% cost. If you are still contemplating, we have listed the top 11 ways on how we make telemedicine application development simple for your reference.

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