Confidentiality principles

Last Modified: July 10, 2021

Healthelife Ventures LLP and its affiliates (collectively, “Healthelife”, “we”, “us”) is a global organization offering services used by developers and testers to deliver high quality software and applications. We offer services for the development of clinical applications across desktop, web, mobile, Internet of things devices, and cloud platforms (“Services”).

As an application agnostic clinical data platform, we help you manage your data. We take care to ensure that the services on our platform are generic and the facilities on the platform are available equally to every application that uses the platform. 

This Confidentiality principle (“Confidentiality principle”) is intended to describe our practices regarding the confidential information voluntarily shared with us by entities that use our products and services or collaborate with us on any project.

1. EHR.Network confidentiality principles

Application specific logic, workflows and protocols can be implemented through use of the platform APIs. By this design, applications built on EHR.Network can safeguard what they consider as their IP. This will also allow application developers to minimize/avoid disclosure of their confidential information while working with our platform.

Considering the above, we follow a set of basic principles in all our non-disclosure agreements(NDAs).

  • All confidential information should be marked as confidential when shared. We may request more detail and choose not to receive the information proposed to be shared. 
  • As a clinical data platform, we work with multiple healthcare applications which share a lot of common features and characteristics. To safeguard this basic business requirement, we will not include or accept generic confidentiality clauses that are open to interpretations in our agreements
  • We consider that healthcare is the right of every human being and enabling free flow of knowledge is the key to making that possible.
  • To enable evidence based evolution of healthcare practices, it is important to continue to ensure that such knowledge remains in the public domain. We believe that the following do not fall in the purview of confidential information and treat them as such. 
    • Clinical data sets, EHR schema
    • Queries
    • Clinical protocols & workflows
    • Clinical terms & codes
    • Clinical decision support rules
  • If you are not comfortable disclosing any information, we will make every effort to work around the limitation by helping you break the same into data sets and APIs that are generic in nature and easily mapped to our platform resources and services.