Program registry – one platform for multiple health programs

Person centric clinical information platform for app developers

EHR.Network is designed to support multiple Health systems & programs in parallel.  Ayurveda IP and OP, Mental Health, Diabetic support, ASD care PHR and Physical Fitness are examples. Each program identifies a set of clinical information that needs to be managed, shared with the care team and used in the care process.

Such distinct programs are called tenants on the platform and are managed using the Program registry. EHR.Network allows the creation of complete organizational hierarchies under registered programs to manage auth and information flow requirements specific to that program.

During an individual’s lifetime, they may be part of multiple programs each of which add varied clinical information into the PHR of the person. While maintaining isolation of hierarchies that aid in program management, EHR.Network is designed to assimilate all of this to build medical learning and trends, which are available for use for holistic treatment for the patient.

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