Healthcare practitioner registry – making sure that care professionals are enabled

Person centric clinical information platform for app developers

Medical Professionals are the backbone of healthcare. When a healthcare program is rolled out, medical professionals involved become integral to the HIT system for the management of service delivery. This required that the professionals are systematically registered and enrolled into the programs.

The registration involves capture of profiles and program enrollment is done through linkage of the profile with one or more establishments participating in the program. Authentication credentials for the professionals can also be created as a part of the registration process, in case the professional needs access to the program specific information.

Users are assigned roles and professions when linked to establishments in the context of a program. RBAC is used to manage the users access to resources on the platform such as EHR, Person, Patient, User etc. Within the EHR resource further access control is achieved using professions mapped to template(EHR data schema) access.

EHR.Network ensures user safety and personal data privacy by maintaining auditable trails of their actions including creation, update, read of patients demographics & clinical information. The professional registry also provides APIs to build discovery services for the users of health services on the platform.