EHR.Store – the person centric OpenEHR clinical data repository(CDR)

Person centric clinical information platform for app developers

EHR.Store is the person centric EHR repository and forms the nucleus of EHR.Network. It manages the clinical information around individuals for the entire duration of their life.

The consent driven access establishes the person’s ownership of the data and allows secure access on a need to know basis. Fine grained access to the data is managed using constructs such as Tenant, Organization, Role & Profession.

The Clinical Data Repository(CDR) in EHR.Store is compliant to OpenEHR and allows it to manage varied clinical data sets across multiple clinical practices. Matrix of cross functional relationships allows the creation of relationships between people, making the information and it’s access more meaningful.

The key differentiators of EHR.Store include

  1. Person centric and consent aware
  2. Flexible and user defined EHR schema
  3. Fine grained access control
  4. Open and interoperable data
  5. Coded, computable data to enable value added services

EHR.Store is a core module and will be used by any application that handles clinical data. However each of the applications have the flexibility to use clinical data sets that are specific to their requirement. Such data sets will be a subset of what EHR.Store manages.

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