Care team collaboration – empowering care teams to keep outcomes in focus.

Person centric clinical information platform for app developers

Modern healthcare follows a person centric paradigm which puts the patient at the centre and builds a care team around them. To make this efficient, effective and transparent the care team members have to communicate & collaborate easily and effectively in real time. Such team collaboration has to be built around the EHR of the patient to enable care teams make ongoing decisions which are safe and outcome oriented.

EHR.Network, being a patient centric platform provides tools to enable EHR systems and applications to include team collaboration features easily. Collaboration & communication applications can be built leveraging the platform APIs with minimal effort.

The task manager enables tools to plan, assign, monitor and manage tasks with organization, user and person context. EHR systems can leverage the task manager to offer a complete calendaring and scheduling functionality to their users.

Notes are designed with a free flowing social collaboration structure including comments, tags & userTags. It is designed to build a team narrative composed of informal and unstructured notes to help in the care process. EHR systems can use this to build a social media wall for their applications.

The notification service expands this collaboration to the larger communication systems outside to achieve seamless, disconnected team engagement.

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