EHR standards support- built for the connected future

EHR.Network has been built ground up with the vision of enabling compliance to standards and as such supports all those that are relevant to it’s area of coverage. The platform is also set to evolve as the standards evolve, so that the applications built on it keeps pace automatically with minimal effort.

Some of the important ones in Indian EHR standards and supported by EHR.Network include…

  • ISO/TS 22220:2011 Health Informatics – Identification of Subjects of Health Care
  • MDDS – Demographic (Person Identification and Land Region Codification) version 1.1
  • UIDAI Aadhar Number
  • Local Identifier with Any Central or state Government Issued Photo Identity Card Number
  • ISO 18308:2011 Health Informatics – Requirements for an Electronic Health Record Architecture
  • ISO/HL7 10781:2015 Health Informatics – HL7 Electronic Health Records-System Functional Model Release 2 (EHR FM)
  • ISO 13940 Health informatics – System of Concepts to Support Continuity of Care
  • openEHR Foundation Models Release 1.0.2
  • SNOMED Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT)
  • ICD-10
  • JPEG lossy (or lossless) with size and resolution not less than 1024px x 768px at 300dpi for image capture
  • Medical Council of India (MCI) under regulation 3.1 of Ethics for Discharge/ Treatment Summary
  • ISO/TS 14441:2013 Health Informatics – Security & Privacy Requirements of EHR Systems for Use in Conformity Assessment
  • ISO/DIS 27799 Health informatics – Information Security Management in Health using ISO/IEC 27002
  • ISO 22600:2014 Health informatics – Privilege Management and Access Control (Part 1 through 3)
  • ISO 27789:2013 Health informatics – Audit trails for Electronic Health Records
  • Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) used must be SHA-256 or higher
  • Encryption with minimum 256-bits key length 
  • HTTPS, SSL v3.0, and TLS v1.2
  • ISO 17090 Health informatics – Public Key Infrastructure (Part 1 through 5) for Digital Certificate