Build Operationalize Xscale(BOX) on EHR.Network

All of our core platform packed into a single cloud instance for early stage healthcare startups. Provides all the required APIs to build your great idea into a real application and get to the market fast. BOX on EHR.Network will allow you to build your MVP and validate before scaling it up.

You can get started in hours – No servers to setup, run and administer. Just start building using our APIs from day one. We will ensure that your solution remains compliant to standards and regulations in digital health.

Package details

  • Server instance – 2vCPU, 4 GB RAM, 80 GB HDD, 4TB data transfer
  • Services –
    • Demographics – patient, users, organizations
    • Auth – Users, authentication, authorization, RBAC
    • EHR – openEHR CDR, VirtualFolders(care contexts)
    • Multi-service call
  • Custom URL – <yourname>
  • HTTPS on NGINX proxy
  • Ready to use with your custom tenant, root organization and admin user
  • EHR templates & data sets – None included. Users can add free templates from our developer tools repository or create custom templates
  • Support included –
  • Admin APIs to manage CDR & platform settings
  • Developer support APIs for the CDR – Get template example, template introspection & random AQLs execution.

₹ 4,250-PM(Billed annually)

OR ₹ 5,000-PM(Billed monthly)

Optional services

  • Terminology service (7K API calls, 35MB data) – ₹ 500-PM
  • Automatic weekly snapshot backups – ₹ 500-PM